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Japanese Knotweed Honey

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Our very own Japanese knotweed honey. Very dark with a pleasant and unique taste.

Japanese Knotweed Honey is a local specialty honey harvested once a year. Select hives are placed during late Summer/early Fall near locations with large amounts of the plant, usually along streams and rivers. The bees produce a unique dark, reddish honey from the tiny white flowers. Knotweed is an invasive species here, but the upside of this plant is that it is a plentiful and nutritious food source for the bees right before they head into Winter. Knotweed is high in the anti-oxidant Resveratrol (just like red wine) so it is good *and* good for you!
  • Tastes Like: Sweet Floral
  • Pairs With: Tea, Coffee, Yogurt, Oatmeal, Ice Cream, Bread, Baking
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