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Fortunately, there is a window of time within which all air travellers are free to change or cancel flights. The US Department of Transportation's 24-hour requirement sets this time. According to this regulation, airlines are required by law to permit free flight changes or cancellations for passengers within 24 hours of the flight's booking. All reservations booked seven days or more before the scheduled departure time of the flight are subject to this limitation. A consumer is entitled to a full refund of the ticket price if they cancel their flight within the allotted time. United airlines change policy is going to help you by their new offers and strategies. If You are no longer covered by this notification if you buy your ticket closer to the time of departure. After the 24-hour window, you're on your own if you wish to change your flight. Read also : Jetblue airlines change policy | Lufthansa airlines change policy | Southwest airlines change policy | Frontier airlines change policy | Delta airlines change policy | Klm airlines change policy | Virgin airlines change policy

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