To limit competition between our hives and get the widest variety of nectar sources for our honey, we select varied locations for all our bees. Some bee yards are for honey production colonies while others are for raising more colonies and queen bees. We currently have over a dozen different locations. To track the colony health, we make sure we keep detailed logs of all visits to each location. We treat our bees as part of our family. Here are some of our hive locations:

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Mt Pleasant #4
Another yard close to home, this tends to be the yard that gets a quick check in to estimate what all the other yards might be doing. Inevitably, it just makes us want to go look at all of them anyway.
Monongahela River #1
Tucked away above the Monongahela River.
Ohio River #2
This yard is tucked away in the middle of nowhere, which is apparently where honey comes from. They make tons.
Home Yard
The home yard shrinks and grows all year, every year, as hives grow and get sold or travel in and out for pollination work.
Mount Pleasant Twp #3
Close to home, lots of room and good forage.
Ohio River #1
One of the yards along the Ohio River
Mt. Pleasant Township Yard #1
You might have seen this yard while driving down Route 18 between Washington and Hickory. The electric fence is to keep out curious horses the bees share pasture with.
Mt. Pleasant Township Yard #2
This yard often hosts young nucleus colonies as they're growing. It's a beautiful remote spot on a hill where we sometimes catch deer or turkeys passing through.
Cross Creek Township #1
Located on a beautiful farm shared with a herd of mini-donkeys, these bees might reach all the way to Cross Creek Lake in their travels.
Cross Creek Township #2
Plenty of wild forage for these bees on the back roads of Cross Creek.
North Franklin Township Yard
Graciously hosted by Destiny Hill Farm
Jefferson Township Yard
Meadowcroft Rockshelter.
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North Franklin Township Yard

Graciously hosted by Destiny Hill Farm

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