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When Mark & Sara Bedillion established Bedillion Honey Farm in 2004, they could never have imagined how the business would flourish. They originally started with one hive in Hickory, PA and they’re now up to one thousand beehives with over 30 hive locations in their local area.


“We are first- and second-generation beekeepers, with our children laboring along with us during hive inspections, honey harvests, and pollination moves,” Sara says. “We like to say that we keep the bees, and the bees keep us.”


In addition to their local honey, Bedillion Honey Farm has an on-farm honey shop that offers handmade beeswax candles, soaps, and a complete line of beekeeping equipment and supplies, including live honeybees. They also offer fundraisers for your organization.

About Bedillion

Mark and Sara Bedillion standing among bee hives

Mark and Sara Bedillion, Founders of Bedillion Honey Farm

Fun Fact: 

Sara Bedillion used her "sweet talk" to convince her husband Mark to get their first hive of bees. They have been making honey and bee puns ever since.

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