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Making comb honey has never been so easy! This assembled 10 Frame Comb Honey Kit comes with an assembled 5⅝" (14.29 cm) super and 5⅜" (13.65 cm) frames (wedge top bar). All you need to do is insert the sheets of thin surplus 4¾" x 16½" (11.12 cm x 41.91 cm) beeswax foundation along with the ⅝" (1.59 cm) wedge nail. Comb Honey Kit comes with Lloyd Spear's Comb Honey Basics Booklet to give you all the information you need to know about comb honey. To complete our Comb Honey Kit we will also send you our Stainless Steel Comb Cutter for cutting chunks of honey that can then be packaged in the clamshell boxes you will receive. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • 1 5 ⅝" (14.29 cm) Assembled Shallow Super
  • 10 5 ⅜"(13.65 cm) Assembled Frames (wedge top bar)
  • 10 Thin Surplus 4¾" x 16½" (12.07 cm x 41.91 cm) Foundation Sheets
  • 1 Comb Cutter
  • 40 Clamshell Boxes
  • 1 Comb Honey Basics Booklet (Lloyd Spear)
  • ⅝" (1.59 cm) Wedge Nails
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