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Bayberry Wax Pellets 1lb

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It is said that burning a bayberry candle all the way down on New Year's Eve will bring you good fortune in the coming year. "A bayberry candle burned to the socket brings food to the larder and gold to the pocket."

Bayberry Wax is derived from the bayberry shrub. It's a green 100% natural vegetable wax which is processed by boiling the berries of the shrub and skimming the wax from the surface. This wax is fully refined to make it ideal to add to your custom soap, natural skin formulation and candles.

Bayberry candles can be made with pure bayberry in a candle or can be mixed 1:1 with beeswax to create candles in molds.

Early American settlers used the waxy coating of the bayberry to produce highly valued, scented candles that did not smoke or sputter.

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