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Bring in a swarm of honeybees to start a new colony in your hive with Swarm Commander Spray Lure. It takes minimal effort to get a new colony with just a few sprays!

Swarm Commander Spray is an easy-to-use, all-natural bee swarm attractant. You can bait your hives for up to two weeks using the Swarm Commander Spray in the hive and on the landing board. The high mist sprayer gives you up to 100 sprays per bottle, so you can lure in a swarm under optimal conditions. This product is perfect for those who want to start their own bee colony or for experienced beekeepers who want to add to their existing hives.

Swarm Commander contains a blend of oils that are similar to the pheromone "Nasonov." This pheromone is known for being able to lure swarms to your swarm trap or bait hive. Swarm Commander Spray Lure is completely safe for bees and can last a long time after the initial application.

To use Swarm Commander, spray two or three sprays directly onto the inner cover or telescoping cover. Also, spray twice on the bottom board. Repeat this process weekly or as needed. Be careful not to over-spray; too much of the product will actually repel bees from entering the trap.

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