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Spring Blossom Honey

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UPC: 854639006564
Brand: Bedillion Honey Farm

Pure Honey that captures the bright flavor and freshness of Spring. From the blooms of wild berries and flowering trees, this flavorful honey has hints of peach and vanilla. 16oz glass jar.

Honey that the bees make in Spring and early Summer is special, coming at a time when nature and the bees are bursting with new life. After a cold and quiet Winter, the bees feast upon a bounty of reawakened flowers. Weather is tricky in the Spring, sometimes rainy, sometimes windy, and occasionally freezing, so a bit of luck is needed for the bees to have good flying conditions. When everything falls into place with strong healthy bees and ample nectar, it's a joyous thing!

  • Tastes Like: Sweet, complex, hints of peach & vanilla
  • Pair with: Tea & coffee, hot or cold cereal, biscuits, ice cream
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