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2019 Nucs

Bedillion Honey Farm Storefront

Honeybees for sale

Nucleus colonies, 3lb packages & single deeps

We're Open Tue.-Fri. from 10am-5pm & Sat. 10am-4pm • Closed Sun.-Mon.

1179 Burgettstown Rd. Hickory, PA 15340 • 724-356-7713
"Honey Makes You Happy!"

Pennsylvania honey
& select varietals

a family run apiary in Southwestern Pennsylvania specializing in honey, beeswax, beekeeping and so much more.

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Don't miss our on the sweetest treat nature has to offer. Find a retailer near you!

Monongahela River #1

We believe in hard work and dedication. Our family name is
our business and we are in
the business of making our customers happy.

Top Sellers

Top Sellers

Pure Honey Bottle Photo
Japanese knotweed bottle
Honey Bear Bottles

 Good people! Great honey!! Awesome variety. The real-deal PURE honey people. No need to try anywhere else.
- Mark S.
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